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The King's Singers

Celebrated worldwide, The King’s Singers are a class-act with delightfully British wit, "still unmatched for their sheer musicality and ability to entertain" (The Times, London). From Gesualdo and Gyorgy Ligeti to Michael Buble, they are instatnly recognizable for their spot-on intonation, impeccable vocal blend, flawless articulation of the text, and incisive timing.

"Fusing forms, timbres and styles, they turn education and entertainment into art and back again" (The New York Times).


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Riddles Rhymes and Rounds

Traditional/arr. Bob CHILCOTT North American Folksongs: The Feller from Fortune; The Lazy Man; The Gift; She's Like the Swallow; I Bought Me a Cat
King Henry VIII Pastime with Good Companie
William CORNYSHE Ah Robin, Gentle Robin
ANONYMOUS Hey Trolly Lolly Lo!
John HILTON Fair Oriana, Beauty's Queen
Orlando GIBBONS The Silver Swan
Thomas WEELKES As Vesta was Descending
Goffredo PETRASSI Nonsense
John de FORNSETE Summe is Icumen In
Edward ELGAR To Her, Beneath Whose Steadfast Star
R.L. de PEARSALL Waters of Elle
J.F. BRIDGE The Goslings
John STAINER Flora's Queen
Songs in Close Harmony

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No one under the age of 12 is admitted to Spivey Hall concerts, unless the concert is specifically designated as being appropriate for younger children. Click here to learn more about Spivey Hall's Young People's Concerts for children in grades Pre-K through 12.

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