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Andreas Scholl, counter-tenor
Tamar Halperin, piano

Pre-concert Talk 2:00 PM

Spivey Hall Debut

“Few can equal the sheer beauty of tone and dramatic instinct displayed by Andreas Scholl” (BBC Magazine).  A Grammy Award-nominated Metropolitan Opera star possessed of “splendid lyrical gifts” (The New York Times), Scholl commands a voice that “rushes through the bloodstream, so tender and gravely beautiful that time seems to stand still” (The Times, London).

The first counter-tenor soloist ever featured at teh Last Night of the Proms, Scholl is a dedicated recitalist and a "story teller supreme, daring his audience to stay engaged for every compelling second" (The Times, London).





DOWLAND Flow My Tears; Come Again Sweet Love; I Saw My Lady Weep
CAMPION I Care Not for These Ladies
HAYDN Depair; The Wanderer; Recollection
JOHNSON Have You Seen the Bright Lily Grow
PURCELL Music for a While; Evening Hymn
SCHUBERT Du bist die Ruh
MOZART Abendempfindung; Das Veilchen
BRAHMS Mein Mädel hat einen Rosenmund
SCHUBERT Abendstern; An Mignon
BRAHMS All men Gedanken; Da unten im Tale
SCHUBERT Der Jüngling auf dem Hügel; Ave Maria; Der Tod und das Mädchen

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