Spivey Hall’s Young People’s Concerts (YPCs) enable students of all ages to hear great music of many traditions, enhancing their learning in a variety of subjects.


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Approximately 15,000 students in grades PreK-12 from some 18 counties attend educational performances at Spivey Hall annually. These educational concerts are 45-50 minutes in length and cost $2 to attend. Registering in advance is required. Please note carefully the performance times and recommended grade levels for each program. Our concerts are open to students and community members of all ages, the grade levels listed are only a suggestion.

The 2013-2014 Young People’s Concerts offer a rich variety of performers that you and your students are sure to enjoy. This year, we are continuing a special series of programs for our youngest audience members. KinderKoncerts, tailored to children in pre-kindergarten through second grades, feature artists who specialize in early childhood music. You can read more about these highly interactive performances on pages 12 and 13 of the Education Brochure. We will continue the tradition of offering excellent programs for older students including opera, jazz, world music, and chamber music.

For more information or to request a hard copy of the brochure, call (678) 466-4491 or contact the education manager by clicking here.


Young People’s Concert Etiquette

What do I wear?
The dress code for a Young People’s Concert is the same as the dress code for school. Sometimes people like to dress up for concerts since it is a special outing.

May I take pictures?
Photography in Spivey Hall is not permitted. Cameras can be very distracting to the performers.

May I use my cell phone?
Cell phones should be silenced during a performance because the light and noise from them are very distracting to the performers and the other concert goers around you. Please turn off your phone and any other electronic devices before you enter the Hall.

May I bring food or a drink into the Hall?
No food, drinks, or gum-chewing are allowed in the Hall. If your group brings lunch boxes from school in order to eat lunch on campus, you may leave them at the door when you arrive and pick them up on your way out after the concert.

How should I act during the performance?
Be very attentive to the performance and performers. These artists have taken a long time to learn their music, practicing many hours. Listen quietly, and don’t talk during the music (unless the artists ask you to).

What if I have to go to the bathroom?
If a student needs to go before the concert, please keep your group together until you’ve been seated. At that time, a chaperone may escort the student to the bathroom by exiting through the opposite doors of those from where you were seated. Please return to your seat through the same doors upon which you exited. If a student needs to go during the concert, please wait until the music stops to exit (and follow the same procedure stated above). Please do not leave or enter the concert hall while music is being played.

What if a young child makes noise?
If you bring a very young child to a Spivey Hall concert, please ask an usher to seat you at the end of a row. If your child makes noise during the concert, quietly get up and take the child out of the Hall and into the lobby. You may re-enter when your child is quiet and there is a break in the music.

When should I clap?

Performers like applause. It is appropriate to clap when the performers first walk on stage, after each piece of music is over, and at the end of the performance. Sometimes, however, it is hard to know when a piece of music is over. Watch the performers, and only clap when they bow. That’s their signal that the piece is over.

What do I do after the concert?
After the concert has ended, ushers will assist everyone to leave the Hall in a single-file line, row by row. Please stay seated until the ushers reach your row. If you enjoyed the concert, let the Spivey Hall staff know, and tell your friends about your musical experience!