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Recording at Spivey Hall

 Spivey Hall is available for both commercial and non-commercial audio recording sessions. Classical and jazz music is ideally suited for recording at Spivey Hall due to the incredible acoustic design of the room by Rein Pirn.

Services offered include recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and small-quantity duplication. Michael Ozment, General Manager of Spivey Hall and an accomplished audio engineer performs all work, in Avid Pro Tools utilizing a variety of studio-quality microphones.


Rate Structure

For commercial sessions (CD/online release)

   Access  Engineering Total
4 hours $600 $300 $900
8 hours  $1,000 $600 $1600
12 hours  $1,500 $900 $2,400


For non-commercial sessions (auditions, grant applications)

   Access  Engineering   Total
2 hours  $125  $75 $200
4 hours $300 $150 $450
8 hours  $500 $300 $800
12 hours $750  $450 $1,200


Post-production (editing, mixing, mastering) is billed at $65/hour. We recommend clients budget 2 hours of post-production work for every hour of session time.

Use of one tuned Steinway model D concert grand piano is included. If multiple pianos or additional tunings are required, client will be responsible for $105 fee per tuning.

For use of the Albert Schweitzer Memorial Organ a $750 tuning fee applies.

Clients who wish to hire their own recording engineer are responsible only for access and tuning fees as described above.



To schedule your recording session in Spivey Hall, please fill out the form at this link.